Friday, July 1, 2011

Food 'n Flix: No Reservations--Presenting... the Roundup

The cute-sweet No Reservations, my film selection for this month's Food 'n Flix inspired some delicious dishes with its combination of romance and food. (You can read my synopsis of the movie here.)

Let's see what everyone came up with:

Elizabeth of The Law Student's Cookbook made an adult and kid-friendly breakfast with these delectable Mixed Berry Pancakes. She says, "The movie is totally NOT about pancakes. No Reservations is about a gourmet chef who has to learn how to feed a child, her niece who moves in with her due to unforeseen circumstances. At the end of the movie she FINALLY figures it out. And then, there are pancakes and happy people across the board." These pancakes would certainly make me happy. ;-)

Over at Life in the Slow Lane at Squirrel Head Manor, Tina chose a simple and delicious pasta for her film-inspired dish and says, "Zoe takes a liking to Nick and invites him to dinner. She wants ordinary kid food but Auntie Kate serves her duck. Nick wins Zoe over with his calm demeanor and ability to prepare her Oregano Spaghetti….a simple meal. Which is what most kids love...simplicity." I think adults love a classic dish like this too. ;-)

Also joining us with some pasta love is Danielle at All Things Yummy, who made a hearty Spaghetti Bolognese. She says, "My dish was inspired by the pasta dishes Aaron Eckhart's character was always whipping up. There is something so warm and comforting about a big bowl of pasta with crusty garlic bread; how could Kate not fall for him? Delicious." Yep, Aaron Eckhart holding a big plate of this pasta would make me fall! ;-)

Making it a trio in the pasta department, here at Kahakai Kitchen I made a dish inspired by the more exotic sophisticated dishes Kate favors--like the saffron cream sauce that she is known for, combined with the basil from simple pasta dish Nick made that Zoe loved and thus this Fusilli in Saffron-Chive Sauce with Pistachio-Basil Pesto was born. It also gave me a chance to try out the vegan cream-style sauce thickened with potato I have been wanting to try. ;-)

Finally, all great meals should end with dessert and our wonderful Food 'n Flix founder, girlichef brought the ultimate one, a gorgeous Tiramisú like the one Nick brings to Kate's for dinner and puts him on his way to winning her heart. girlichef says, "This is rich and not too sweet...and a total adult's dessert. Just ask my daughter. She took one bite, then promptly turned to me to ask if I could make a kid's dessert next time. I suppose." Psst... Just send her serving to Hawaii please! ;-)

Thanks so much to our Food n' Flix participants for this month.

If you love movies and food, consider joining us for July's selection, Letters to Juliet, hosted by Kim at Stirring the Pot.

Happy Aloha Friday!


  1. Short but sweet...I have everything I need here to make me happy...and full! Everything looks delicious. Thanks so much for hosting this month, Deb =)

  2. I am soooo going to participate in one of these!

  3. wat an awesome round up....n the idea is really exciting too...i will make it a point to participate in this event soon...:)...i love movies which revolve around food...:)...i'm requesting fellow bloggers to recommend me some simple n' yummy baking recipe (sweet or savoury) from their blog...debbie please do leave me a comment when you get the time...:)

  4. I love the wide variety of dishes that this spawned! Especially that three of them were pastas...that's how you know it was a good movie. Great round-up!

  5. How cool is that - we had breakfast, dinner and dessert represented! Great round to visit the other sites now :-)

  6. What a great selection of foods! Yum!

  7. When a movie inspires you to make a pasta dish then you know it's a good movie! And, I'm totally with you on relieving Heather of some of that tiramisu;-) However, it's the pancakes that are calling to me right now. I haven't indulged in a stack of pancakes in forever and I sure would like to!

    I'm made at myself for not participating this month. I even watched the movie again as a refresher and then totally forgot about it until the last few days of the month when it was too late. Hopefully I'm more organized this month.

  8. girlichef--thanks for letting me host! ;-)

    Pam--I hope you do--it's a fun event. ;-)

    Miri-thanks! I hope you join in and I will look through my baking recipes. ;-)


    Joanne--mahalo--I think we had all the bases covered for such a small round up.

    Tina--Thanks for joining in! ;-)

    Elizabeth--I am still drooling over your pancakes.

    Kim-Since you are hosting this month I would hope so! ;-) Just kidding!

  9. Shoot, I haven't been able to keep up my blog reading lately and forgot all about this. Great round-up!

  10. Oh YUM!! I'm so sorry I missed these last two movies! I watched, and cooked...I photo'd and didn't get posted in time. Go figure...
    I'm heading in to watch Letters to Juliet right now...While I've still got some time!


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