Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lemon Grass Mojitos: Variation on a Favorite Summer Cocktail from Jamie Oliver

My favorite cocktail to order or make has to be the mojito. There is just something about the lime-mint-rum combination that makes me feel refreshed and happy. (Go to the "mojitos" label on my side bar for some of my favorite recipes for tropical mojito variations.) Since it is all about drinks this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs, I searched to see if Jamie Oliver had a mojito recipe... and indeed he did... these Lemon Grass Mojitos from his website.

Making it even better, I got to use local lemon grass, limes and mint --always a bonus to be able to imbibe with locally-grown ingredients. ;-) These mojitos are lightly sweet with floral notes from the lemon grass, but still fresh and crisp from the lime and mint.

A perfect choice for me for "Bevvies Week."

Lemon Grass Mojitos
by Jamie Oliver
(Makes 2 Servings)

2 sticks of lemon grass
4 tablespoons light brown sugar (I reduced to 2 teaspoons)
6 sprigs of fresh mint, leaves picked
2 limes, cut into wedges
100ml (about 1/2 cup) good-quality rum
a large handful of crushed ice, to serve
soda water, to serve (I used ginger ale)

Finely chop the base of each stick of lemon grass and divide between two tall glasses. Split the sugar and mint leaves between them, then crush with a muddler or the end of a rolling pin to release all the flavours. Add the lime wedges, bash up the mixture a little more, then pour 50ml of rum into each one. Fill the glasses with crushed ice and top up with soda.

Notes/Results: Cool and refreshing. These mojitos have a slightly more sophisticated taste but are similar enough to the classic drink that mojito lovers won't be disappointed. I did lessen the sugar to 1 teaspoon per glass, mainly because I used ginger ale instead of soda water for the bubbles (I was out of soda water), but otherwise I kept the recipe the same. I would make these again.

You can check out what "bevvies" that the other IHCC participants made by going to the post here, and following the links.


  1. What a fun twist on the mojito! I find lemon grass to be so refreshing. The ideal summer drink!

  2. I love mojitos! And this variation sounds wonderful!

  3. A lovely cocktail, very unique with lemon grass!

  4. Mojitos...one of my favorite cocktail, so refreshing. I use a basic mojito recipe and to "tropical" things up a bit, I will add either, pineapple juice, mango, guava, or passion fruit...but this one with the lemon grass sounds wonderful...will be trying it for sure.

  5. This looks like the perfect bevvy to me - love the idea of the lemon grass :-)
    Sue xo

  6. Oh, fantastical...I totally want one..or three! Love the lemongrass swizzle stick =)

  7. Oh my...I could have used one of these after mowing my lawn in the 100 degree heat;-) This is the perfect drink for the crazy heatwave we're having. Looks so refreshing!

  8. That looks perfect, so refreshing for this heat here! If I had known I wouldn't have used up all my lemongrass on chicken!

  9. This looks to be the type of drink that makes you automatically say "ahhh" after you sip.

    If only I had a lemon grass mojito. By a pool.

  10. I love a good mojito, especially in these hot summers! Lemongrass is such a creative twist, looks good!

  11. Wonderful! I love mojitos too, and this one looks so refreshing, love the lemongrass. I have a stalk too - I think I'll make this soon!

  12. I have always wanted to make mojitos and your recipe looks so fresh!


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