Saturday, October 9, 2010

Apple Cider & Calvados Slushies--A Crisp, "Appley" Simple Saturday Sipper

Although I know that I am extremely lucky to live in a beautiful place than is mostly warm and sunny year-round, I do miss fall. I miss the crisp autumn air on a sunny day, I miss the glorious color change of the leaves, heck I even miss the sometimes cold and rainy days you get in the Pacific Northwest. When the fall magazines start coming in and I am drooling over all their autumn foods and heavier comfort food dishes, I miss the weather than goes along with it, rather than reading them in 88 degree humidity. OK, I know... you are thinking "Oh yeah, poor you!" right now... I get it, ;-) Yes, I wouldn't want fall weather all the time, but I would fully support a "Weather Exchange Program" where we could swap out a few days here and there.

Mark Bittman's Apple Cider Slushies are a good compromise recipe--the flavors of fall but in a cold slushy treat. I first made these last year (here) and loved them, then seeing my pal Kim make them last week (here), I got to thinking about them again. Last time I used Riesling, this time I decided to try something a little different and switched out the white wine for some calvados (apple brandy), making them Apple Cider & Calvados Shushies. Still delicious and an excellent way to enjoy a Simple Saturday Sipper with a little taste of fall.

Apple Cider and Calvados Slushy
adapted from "Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express"
(Serves 2-3)

Note: Use any sweet white or sparkling wine you like--I used calvados

In a blender or food processor, combine a cup of apple cider, a half cup of Riesling, and about a quarter cup of sugar. Add ice and pulse; continue adding ice and processing until the desired thickness is reached (about 3 cups total). Serve immediately with a sprinkle of nutmeg or a cinnamon stick or an orange slice if you like.

Notes/Results: "Appley-goodness" with a little kick. I did actually need a bit more ice than I had--note to self: make sure you check the ice cube trays before making slushies! But the flavor was great. I ended up not adding any extra sugar as I don't like things too sweet. I liked the addition of the calvados (and it's a good way to work through a bottle). For sure I will be making this recipe again, with different wines and liqueurs, and not waiting a year to make it this time. ;-)

And something for the good news category, I was contacted by Wikio as they just published their food blog rankings and guess who moved up from #27 to #18? Yep, that would be me, or rather Kahakai Kitchen. ;-) Wikio is an information portal with a news search engine that searches press sites and blogs. Such incredible company to be in, in fact you can check out the full 100 rankings here--where I have some of my blogging buddies keeping me company.

Wikio Top Twenty Food Blogs:
Happy Saturday!


  1. The calvados would have given your slushy a huge kick! Yum! And well done on your ranking.

  2. Whoa mega congrats chica! So proud of you, always! This Saturday sipper sounds like a dream. I've really been in the mood for apple-y drinks lately!

  3. Congratulations Deb! You have a great blog.

  4. what an amazing recipe. Please do send it to my veggie/fruit a month - apple event :)

  5. Sounds fabulous! Congratus for being in the top!

  6. Wow Deb! Congrats on the Wikio ratings. That really is fantastic.

    Grown up slushies are so much fun, aren't they? The Calvados sounds wonderful with the apple cider. In fact, I'd love to have one right now! Such a fun way to celebrate fall when the weather is still warm.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  7. You can enjoy appley booze all year,no matter what the season.

    Just one step behind Ruhlman. Good job. :)

  8. I'll take that exchange :D This sounds perfectly suited for my weather right now, though. MMMMMM!

  9. The slushy looks fantastic! I want to try that out at a party!

    Nice on the top 20! Good for you!

  10. Congrats on the top 20! And, yum, the slushy looks fantastic!

  11. Foodycat--Thanks! And it was a nice kick! ;-)

    Joanne--Mahalo! I too having been craving all things apple. ;-)

    Christine--Thank you! ;-) You too!

    Priya--I will check out your event--sounds like fun. ;-)

    Cooking Gallery--thanks--it is very refreshing! ;-)

    Pam--thank you!

    Kim--Thanks for re-inspiring me to make it! ;-)

    Andreas--I agree I can eat and drink apple stuff ll year long. ;-)

    girlichef--we will wait till it gets colder in your neck of the woods to exchange! ;-)

    Debbi--thanks! I hope you like it. ;-)

    Erin--thank you! ;-)

  12. way to go on the ranking! well deserved!

  13. Wow! Congrats on the list! You deserve it!

    I understand your missing fall. Despite the fact that I had all kinds of tropical fruit in Brazil (which I miss now), I missed fall weather and food so much.

    Our orchard here makes cider slushies, but they aren't spiked like this! These sound great!

  14. Kat--mahalo!

    Lori--we always want what we don't have don't we?!

  15. Congrats! I'm glad you celebrated with such a lovely drink :) I just used apple cider to braise some pork, and this drink will compliment dinner perfectly.


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