Friday, October 15, 2010

Chocolate-Figgy Bliss--Not a Lot of Words Needed...

Four beautiful figs from the farmers market...

The last four figs at the booth, picked from the farmer's mother's tree that morning...

Dipped in melted local Waialua Estate Extra Dark 70% Cacao and placed in the fridge to set...

Crisp chocolate shell on the outside; soft, creamy fig inside...

Move over chocolate-covered strawberries!

'Nough said...


  1. Oh, Deb, these just look amazing. I love figs, but we so rarely get them here - usually about 2 weeks of the year if we are lucky and even then they are outrageously expensive (like about $3 per fig). But what a wonderful way to treat something so precious.

  2. Um. Hello gorgeous.

    Seriously, I think I'm in love.

  3. Love figs. Chocolate with them sounds really yummy!

  4. You had me at chocolate. The 70% was, literally and figuratively, the icing.

  5. These look delicious! I've only ever had cooked figs - must try some fresh ones if I ever see them around here!

  6. Wish I'd thought to do that when I picked some up at the farm stand. Now I know!

  7. The last of the figs came into Costco last weekend - and my mom and I snapped up as many containers as we could.

    I really love eating them straight, but could easily be convinced to try them dipped in chocolate.

  8. I"m pretty sure that chocolate covered anything would be good!

  9. What a great idea...I've got some figs in the fridge and I've been trying to think of what to do with them. I was going to go the savory route, but now I may have to go sweet. Your figs look delicious!

  10. Kat--nom is right! ;-)

    Sue--we don't get them often here either except at the occasional farmers market, but these were $2.00 for 4 so much better prices.

    Joanne--;-) they are pretty gorgeous aren't they?!

    girlichef--I'll mail them today! ;-)

    Kim--mahalo! ;-)

    Nancy--it is a great pairing. ;-)

    Arlene--might as well get some antioxidants in there! ;-)

    ValleyWriter--do try them fresh when you can...SO GOOD! ;-)

    Maggie--it is an easy dessert, hope you try it. ;-)

    Megan--I like them plain too, or with cheese and honey but chocolate is pretty wonderful. ;-)

    Food Hunter--thanks! ;-)

    Debbi--very true, but figs are especially nice! ;-)

    Karen--savory is good too of course, but I just couldn't resist the call of the chocolate! ;-)

  11. So simple and gorgeous. I've never seen figs at out farmer's market but I will definitely keep a look out now :)

  12. Wow!! I fell in love with figs last season but never thought to eat them w chocolate! I just found my new fav food to eat w my Savignon Blanc!

  13. I think chocolate covered strawberries are overrated. This, however, HELLO!

  14. I'm loving that the fig season has been so late this year. I must confess I saw this post last night and shut the computer down and went for a bar of chocolate. LOL! Next time I have some figs, I'll try this.

  15. Zibi--I hope you find some--they are so yummy. ;-)

    Healthy Mama--for sure try them with chocolate--they are wonderful that way. ;-)

    Foodycat--these blow the strawberries out of the water! ;-)

    Christine--Mahalo, I hope you enjoy it when you try them. ;-)


    Torview--thank you! ;-)

  16. so unfair that I live in VA. No tropical fruits here, the figs come dried in bags.

  17. You and I must have figs on our brains right now! I used honey and you used chocolate.....chocolate wins hands down in my book! Send me some if you can!

  18. Oooh wow, I'm totally making this for my best friend, she would flip! They look so pretty!

  19. oh, amazing! I like how you said that you bought four, but only three are pictured ;)


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