Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Aloha Friday: An Award and You REALLY Do Need To Try This!

I love this food blogging community--the kindness, the support and all the recognition that everyone provides each other--it just makes you feel good. The wonderful Laurie at That's Not What The Recipe Says was sweet enough to pass on an "E for Excellence Award" to me, which means a lot when it comes from such a talented cook, writer and all around foodie! Laurie started blogging about the same time I did and she has some really incredible recipes and great photos on her blog. One of these days I am going to make her Holupki (Ukrainian cabbage rolls) now that I know how to make Kaldomar (Swedish cabbage rolls) so we can have a global cabbage roll battle (just kidding about the battle but her rolls really do look incredible--I think she would win!)

As always, the tough part is choosing who to give the award to as there are so many excellent bloggers out there deserving this award. I am going to go ahead and give it to two great blogs by two new blogging friends of mine. One of the reasons Laurie passed on the award to me was because of the COOK THE BOOKS club that I am helping to host so it seems fitting to pass the first two awards to the wonderful bloggers who really kicked the book club into gear:

Rachel of The Crispy Cook: Rachel has my dream job, owning and running a used and rare book store. She is a wonderful cook and a voracious reader so we have a lot in common. She cooks gluten free and has some wonderful recipes on her blog.

Johanna of Food Junkie Not Junk Food: Johanna is an archaeologist, lives in Athens Greece and has an amazing blog written in both English and Greek. The photos and food on her site are incredible.

Stop by these two great blogs for a visit and to congratulate them and consider joining us for COOK THE BOOKS and reading our first selection; La Cucina: A Novel of Rapture by Lori Prior. You have until December 15th to read the book and come up with a recipe inspired by your reading. I promise it will be fun! For more details on COOK THE BOOKS go here.

Thanks again Laurie for the wonderful award!

On another note:

OK, I know I have posted about this before (like here and also here) and it isn't really a "recipe" but you really have to try this combo NOW for a easy dessert or snack. You probably have all you need for it--a baguette, good olive oil, dark chocolate (or chocolate chips) and some sea salt. I made it for a snack for Mom and I tonight and although she was lukewarm about trying it because she thought it sounded strange, she ended up really liking it.

It's simple; toast the baguette, drizzle olive oil on it, place some chocolate pieces or chocolate chips on top and place in microwave for 15-20 seconds until chocolate is melted and spreadable. Spread chocolate so it covers baguette and sprinkle some sea salt slightly over the top. Eat warm and enjoy.

Happy Friday Everyone! Max says whatever your idea of fun is, go do it this weekend!


  1. "I would like to thank the Academy, my husband, my parents and my wonderful friends for their eternal support..." Oops wrong acceptance speach!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH I AM SO HAPPY! I agree the Interent has proven to be a wonderful place. :-)

  2. great award, congrats and your snack delish! I usually toast my baguette then add chocolate spread (no olive oil) to it.

  3. Wow! Your snack looks great. I don't keep bread in the house, but the next time I have some, I'll give it a try. (No bread, but always chocolate!)

    Kitty is so cute. Prissy don't play. She sleeps and eats. I wish she would play.

  4. Thank you Deb. I'm very touched by your generosity in bestowing this award. I have enjoyed planning the Cook the Books book club with you and Johanna and just now have started re-reading this spicy tale. I will think of some other food bloggers to grace with this E for Excellent award. Thanks again.

  5. Bread and chocolate? What's not to like? Have a great weekend!

  6. Johanna--you can all of them too! It is well deserved--I am excited to get to know you and your blog even better!

    Kat--Thanks! Try the salt and olive oil--it adds another dimension I think you will like.

    Webbie--I actually don't usually have the bread either but will go buy it for this. Max sleeps and eats A LOT too but is good for a bit of play now and then!

    Rachel--thank you for letting me be a part of it. Its fun to get to know people that share your passions. I am about to start my re-read too!

    Candy--bread and chocolate are great together aren't they?

  7. Max, is there room for me?
    Deb, Congrats on your award you excellent woman you!
    My book arrived today, looking forward to cracking it open. Mmmmm, new book smell. :)

  8. Hey, and now you are a Finest Foodie on a Friday! Congratulations! You have a wonderful blog.

  9. That's a big cat to fit in a small box! He is adorable.

    Your award is totally deserved!

  10. Thanks again for my Giant E award, Deb. I passed it on to some other cool food bloggers to pay it forward!

  11. Thanks for your kind words, Deb! Your chocolate crustini looks really yummy. I never would have thought of that.

  12. DEB! Congratulations on your FFF Award. You so deserve it my island bunny. I'm so happy for you. You're such a great foodie and friend.

  13. Natashya--always room for one more! Yea on the book--hope you like it!

    Puppymomma--thanks so much!

    Foodycat--thank you! Max used to run through the Coke box now he has to squeeze!

    Rachel--you are welcome! It is well deserved!

    Laurie--thank you again for the award!

    Teresa--aw shucks! ;-)


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