Friday, October 24, 2008

Lets Escape to Italy! Cook The Books, Foodie Book Club Update

Longing to get away for a romantic trip to Italy, full of glorious food, quirky locals and steamy passion but you just don't have the time or funds? Come join Cook the Books, our new Foodie Book Club and visit sensuous Sicily and passionate Palermo as together we read Lily Prior's; La Cucina, A Story of Rapture.

Hosted by three passionate cooks, readers and foodies; Rachel from The Crispy Cook, Johanna from Food Junkie Not Junk Food and yours truly, Cook The Books has a brand new blog page designed by the talented Johanna. Here you will able to get all the details of the bi-monthly book being read, share your thoughts, join in on discussions, ask questions and in general explore the books we will be reading. Rachel has even been in contact with the author of our first selection, Lily Prior, to tell her about the club and she has offered to stop by the blog and answer our questions.

There is still plenty of time to get the book and start reading as you have until December 15th to consume this delicious tale, cook something inspired by it and then blog about it. A round up will be posted, a winning dish chosen and a soon to be coveted Cook The Books Winner Badge will be given to the winner for their Blog.

Stop by the new Cook The Books site, check it out and leave a comment, question or suggestion for upcoming reading selections. If you haven't already, start reading and dreaming of pasta, bread and delicious Italian recipes.

Buon appetito! (and Happy Aloha Friday too!)


  1. Ooh! So exciting! I already dream of pasta and bread. The book was very sexy and a lot of fun. I finished it in a couple of days. I have a sudden urge to knead bread.....
    The book club is an excellent idea, I am so happy that you gals are hosting it.

  2. All right, if I can find this book at my library or if I can drag myself to the bookstore I'll get it and join. I'm leaving for a few weeks and there is always time to read on vacation. YOu know it's killing me not to have joined. I'm worried about anything taking more time, but I know I'd love it.

  3. This sounds like a completely wonderful idea. I am so very interested -- I am going to check out the club website!

    BTW, I've tagged you for an award. You can pick it up towards the end of my (inexcusably long) Cooking Light Night post. I love your blog!

  4. What fun! I got my book this week and will begin it today. I can't wait to visit the new site.

  5. Deb, This sounds really interesting and I'd like to participate. I went to the site but no one has left any comments yet and I'm not sure what questions to ask. I'd like to help spread the word and blog about this at Cookbook Cuisine. Could you email me more info? Thanks.

  6. Natashya--I am glad you liked the book!

    Prudy--You can do it--this is the perfect vacation read and really it is minmal time with it being every two months! We all need to see what your creative juices come up with for a recipe!

    Cathy--Thank you so much, i'll come take a look. I hope you come join us--I want to hear your humorous takes on the book! ;-)

    Arlene--Yeah! I am so happy you are joining! I hope you like the book!

    Hi Gloria--I think we are slowly but surely getting comments up on the site today and i know it will build from there. i'll make sure you get some info--we'd love to have you join us!

    Everyone--we would love to get your suggestions on future books so we can give you all time to find them as well as hear your thoughts on La Cucina so check out the site and leave your comments!

  7. Oh I like this idea...I'm going to look for the book.

  8. Good luck to us :-)

  9. Deb, Thanks for sending the info. I'd love to participate and I'll blog about it next week with a link to you.
    In the meantime, you've been tagged with a foodie scenario. Please come over to my blog to see what it is. :)

  10. Veronica--yea! I hope you find the book and join us!

    Johanna--this will be fun! ;-)

    Gloria--Thanks for passing on the word and I'll come look at the scenario!


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