Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Taste of Home: Blackberry Milkshakes

I am not a big fan of fast food, though I will admit to the occasional late night "Run for the Border" during a weak moment usually after a bit of drinking. In Oregon, where I spent a good portion of my life and Southern Washington, they are lucky enough to have Burgerville. Burgerville is a different kind of fast food place, where they use local, sustainable ingredients like Tillamook Cheese, local beef, halibut and salmon, sweet potatoes, etc. (there is a list of their local suppliers on their website--how cool is that!?) They have been written up in Gourmet and were given a Food Network Award for "Best Better Burger" for their burger and their sustainable business practices. My favorite thing there, besides their Pepper Bacon Cheeseburgers, are their Oregon Grown Blackberry Milkshakes, made with real ice cream. Since they are only served seasonally, for a few weeks during blackberry season, I can't get them a lot and it isn't really something you can have someone bring over.

My Mom (and sister) did the next best thing to bringing me a milkshake by having my Mom bring over some fresh Blackberry Jam my sister made. I made up a quick batch of my favorite easy vanilla ice cream from Prudie's recipe and combined it with the jam for a pretty close approximation of my favorite treat. (For two shakes I used about 2 1/2 cups of vanilla ice cream, 1/3 cup milk and 3 Tbsp fresh Blackberry Jam).

Served with a healthy salad made from leftover salmon, it was a perfect lunch. Thanks Mom for the delivery service (and making the salads) and thanks Linda for the delicious jam!

On another note:
Do you know what these strange looking objects are in the picture below? (No, they are not alien pods). I got them at the Farmers Market. Leave me your guess and tune in tomorrow to see if you are right.


  1. that is so great that they brought you a taste of home :) gosh, what are those orbs??

  2. What a fabulous milk shake. I want one with those burgers below. The mystery fruit looks like an encased eyeball, glowing red with bulging veins. Whatever they are, they make good Halloween decorations.

  3. I believe those alien eyeballs are whole nutmegs.

  4. That milkshake sounds delicious, we just picked up some blackberry jam from the orchard, I will have to whip these up :) No idea on the alien pods...hmmmm

  5. Yes, whole nutmegs with the mace wrapping around them.

  6. Deb, the alien pods look like wax dripped avocados. Prudy is right. They would make a great Halloween decoration. The blackberry shake sounds perfect for my daughter. She'll get up and run off for her first class and just pick up a cup of starbucks. This I think would be much, much better for her. Great idea.

  7. Great dinner - definitely ladies' night fare.
    I love the sound of Burgerville! I wish there were more places like that.
    As for the orbs - were they located next to the bull penises?

  8. Matt's guess was also nutmeg, coated in mace.

  9. Great job Rachel, Beach Bum and Stephanie (or Matt I guess!)--it is nutmeg with mace wrapped around it!

    Natashya--that would have been a good spot for it! ;-)


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