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Heidi Swanson's "Slurp-tastic Curry Herb Noodles" for Souper (Soup, Salad, & Sammie) Sundays'

Sometimes I just want to slurp up a big bowl of noodles and Heidi Swanson's "Slurp-tastic Herb Noodles" hit all of my comfort food buttons with pasta, curry, coconut milk  and lots of herbs. 

Heidi's recipe used a thin spinach pasta noodle and I used a thicker tagliatelle as it was the only good spinach pasta my grocery store had but I think you can't go wrong here. Heidi says that many thin pastas could be substituted; "Just try to imagine if it would go with a nice, hearty, spicy curry -some pasta will work better than others." I also made extra broth. 

Slurp-tastic Curry Herb Noodles
From Heidi Swanson at
(Serves 2 to 4)

4 oz thin, dried thin spinach pasta (I used a thicker pasta)
1 cup coconut milk (light is fine) (I used the whole can)
scant 1 Tbsp green or yellow curry paste (I used a heaping Tbsp of yellow curry)
1 1/2 cups lightly flavored vegetable broth
sea salt to taste
6 oz tofu, cut into small cubes or pieces (I pressed and drained my tofu overnight)
1/4 cup chives, minced
1/3 cup cilantro, chopped
1/4 cup basil, chopped just before using
pinch of crushed red chile peppers

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. This is eventually going to be the pot you cook the pasta in.

In a separate large, thick-bottomed pot, bring 1/4 cup of the coconut milk to a simmer, mash and stir the curry paste into the coconut milk so there are no lumps. Now add the rest of the coconut milk and the vegetable broth and bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and stir in the tofu. Taste and decide if you need to add more curry paste or salt - if you do want to add more curry paste at this point, make a slurry by combining the additional curry paste and a bit of the broth, working any lumps out - add this to the pot.

Back at the pasta pot, salt the water generously and cook the pasta per package instructions. Drain.

Just before serving stir the chives, cilantro, and basil into the curry pot. To serve, place a nice helping of noodles in the center of each bowl and finish with a ladle of the curry and tofu along with a tiny pinch of crushed red chile peppers.

Notes/Results: Definitely slurp-tastic. This is such a quick and easy recipe that tastes delicious and is a great base for all kinds of adaptations--whatever kinds of noodles--pasta, rice, zoodles or other spiralized veggie noodles and add in any veggies in your fridge and you have a great meal. I used a yellow curry base but it would be good with green or red curry too. It definitely hit the spot and I will happily make it again.

We have some good friends with delicious dishes waiting in the Souper Sundays kitchen from last week--let's have a look!

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Vicki of I'd Rather Be At the Beach made Chicken Corn Chowder but there seems to be an issue with linking up to her blog today--so I will check back and add it when I can.

Mahalo to Judee and Vicki for joining in this week! 

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Have a happy, healthy week!


  1. Love all the herbs in this!!!! So, I was tempted to add another rice bowl this week to Souper Supper but it's really not a salad. I do, however, have a fantastic soup for next week!!! :)

  2. It has been a while since I last had any good bowl of curry noodles! This looks delicious!

  3. The curry noodles sound good. Don't think I've ever made it before, but that has to change!

  4. Do you think you could use almond milk in this soup? I wasn't sure about the consistency of the coconut milk but I want to try this recipe.

    1. Yes, I think because it ends up brothy and she says you can use light coconut milk you could use an unsweetened almond milk in it. It might be a bit thinner but don't think it would be very noticeable. ;-)


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