Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lazy Food Blogging Week and an Auku'u for Admiring, Not Eating...

I am having a lazy food blogging week and instead I'm enjoying some time with my niece who is visiting from Oregon...

This lovely Hawaiian Auku'u (the Black Crowned Night Heron) was kind enough (or secure enough in the bush he was hiding in) ;-) to let us get close and get good pictures. Isn't he (or she?) pretty?!

There will be a Jamie Oliver recipe post for I Heart Cooking Clubs, of course Souper Sundays always goes on, and I'll eventually get around to visit, but a light food blogging week means that I can spend time here.... (Don't hate me!) ;-)

(Kailua Beach Park)

Another picture of my fine feathered new friend...

Hope you are having a good week too!


  1. Have fun, Deb! I'm so totally jealous of your beach!

  2. Have fun! Enjoy your time!

  3. Nice bird and hope u enjoyed on the beach

  4. beautiful! glad you are enjoying your company!

  5. It's good to hear that things have slowed down for you and you have some time to enjoy your niece and the beach. I hope you have a wonderful time!!

  6. Fantastic pics! I'm on the mainland and you made me miss Oahu. Have a wonderful visit with your neice!

  7. Have a wonderful time with your niece. Your photos remind me how overdue I am for a trip to paradise.

  8. I hope you've had a wonderful week! I love it when my niece and nephew come to visit! Beautiful pictures.


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