Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lemongrass-Ginger Tea: A Simple Saturday Sipper from Mark Bittman

This week's I Heart Cooking Clubs theme is "Can I Have a Sip?"--so all about beverages, so perfect for my regular Simple Saturday Sippers post. I was going to make one of Bittman's smoothies or a cocktail, but a tour through the fridge made me realize I had a lot of lemongrass and ginger to use, and I found this Lemongrass-Ginger Tea from Southeast Asia and from Bittman's "The Best Recipes in the World." I love the pairing of spicy ginger and clean, floral lemongrass and have used it before in drinks and herbal tisanes. In this recipe, it is added to black tea --although I used an oolong tea instead, as I thought the slightly lighter, sweeter, less oxidized tea would work well.

Bittman says, "Health claims aside, this is delicious, hot or iced, sweetened or not. You can make another interesting tea by omitting the lemongrass and serving the brew with ilk instead of lime juice."

Lemongrass-Ginger Tea
Adapted from: "The Best Recipes in the World"
(Makes 4 Servings)

1 Tbsp black tea, optional (I used an oolong tea and about 2 heaping Tbsp)
10 nickel-sized slices fresh ginger (don't bother to peel)
2 lemongrass stalks, trimmed and roughly chopped
sugar to taste, optional (I used about 2 tsp local honey)
2 Tbsp fresh lime juice, or to taste

In a small pot with a lid, combine 1 quart water with the tea if you're using it, the ginger, and the lemongrass. Turn the heat to medium and heat until steam rises from the surface. Turn off the heat and cover; steep for 5 minutes.

Strain, then return to the pan and reheat gently. Add sugar, then lime juice to taste. Serve immediately or refrigerate and serve cold.

Notes/Results: Good! A nice simple, refreshing and flavorful tea. The lemongrass, ginger and lime flavors come through nicely and the oolong tea I used had a light sweetness of its own that worked well. It actually didn't need much/any sweetener, but I added just a bit of local honey. It was good hot, but I prefer it iced (of course that could be the weather!). I would make this tea again and experiment with green tea or black tea in it too.

You can see what the other IHCC participants are sipping this week by going to the post (here) and following the links.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I've been making this tea for a while, and love the herby lemon accents, and the spicy ginger nuances.

  2. This surely does sound refreshing...iced! I bet it'd be nice and warming on a cool night too, though. Great pick!

  3. Lovely refreshing beverage for a hot summer day!

  4. Hi Deb

    I have yet to find lemongrass, but I'm sure eager to try it. This looks & sounds like a very refreshing drink. Ginger, yum! In tea, perfect. I can only imagine the lemongrass really kicked up the delightful component. =)

    I found you through Heather and Food 'n Flix. I'm so excited to be sharing in the fun with my fellow bloggers and wanted to come by and introduce myself.

    I just watched "Chocolat" myself not many months back. I thought it was great, and couldn't stop thinking about chocolate for weeks. =) Can't wait to hear what you thought of it. Maybe you'll be inspired to make something, too.

    Nice to meet you. See you around soon.


  5. Beautiful! Looks very refreshing, and I love the Asian tea cup.

  6. sounds refreshing and I love the color!

  7. Nice use of lemon grass. I always find it so refreshing in foods, so it must be good in drinks too.

  8. I love that you can serve it both warm and cold and I imagine that it smells wonderfully fragrant!!

    Thanks for the tip with the banana smoothie. I'm going to have to try it with the peanut butter and then I also want to try it with almond extract instead of vanilla extract. Plus Heather gave me the idea of adding wheat germ....looks like I'll have to make it at least 3 more times;-)

  9. A delightful tea with lemongrass & ginger flavor!

  10. This seems so refreshing cold! I think it would be good to drink hot when you are under the weather. It seems soothing and restorative.

  11. This sounds so refreshing! One thing I've found frustrating since traveling to SE Asia is that I can't find lemongrass anywhere around here. I keep hoping it will pop up at one of our international markets, but so far, nothing. :(

  12. Deb, that looks so beautiful and refreshing. Lemongrass, ginger and lime sounds like a wonderful combo.


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