Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nigella's Halloumi Bites--Salty, Chewy, Cheesy Goodness

I know it was just Sunday, but it seems like forever since I have posted and since I have visited all my blogger friends too. I had a lovely Christmas week spent with family and friends enjoying the holiday. Coming back home from a vacation of course my fridge was pretty empty, but I had a package of halloumi that needed to be used, and everything else I needed to make this simple and delicious recipe for Halloumi Bites. (Well almost everything--if you look really closely you'll notice that I subbed cilantro for the parsley as it was what I had, and anyway it went nicely with the lime so I might actually leave it when making this again). Our I Heart Cooking Clubs theme this week is "Small Plates" and these little chunks of salty, garlicky cheese are the perfect appetizer, mezze, pupu or whatever you like to call it. They also work well on top of a green salad as a starter.

You can find the recipe in "Nigella Express" (Page 325) or online at her website (here).

Halloumi Bites
Nigella Lawson
(Serves 10-12 as part of supper, more of a canapé)

1/4 cup garlic oil
2 Tbsp lime juice
good grinding of pepper
3 Tbsp chopped parsley
3 (8-ounce) blocks halloumi cheese, drained

Combine the oil, lime juice, pepper and parsley in a large shallow dish. Slice the drained halloumi into 5mm-wide pieces, and then cut each slice in half again. Don’t worry if bits splinter as you cut. Heat a heavy-based frying pan and dry-fry the slices of cheese, in batches, until golden on both sides – this should take only a minute or so in a hot pan. Put the fried halloumi into the shallow dish containing the other ingredients as you go, and then turn the halloumi about to coat each piece before turning into a serving dish.

Notes/Results: Well really how can you go wrong with garlic, lime, pepper and salty chunks of cheese?! This is a quick and easy appetizer and tastes great. One caveat--serve this soon after making because halloumi is chewy to begin with and gets chewier as it gets cooler. I personally like the chewy texture but this is best served hot from the pan. I cut the recipe down to 1/3, ate some hot and used some on a salad--delicious. This one is a keeper.

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  1. I love quick and easy recipes that are also comforting. I hope you had a great trip! Happy New Year!

  2. sounds so good! welcome back and happy new year!

  3. Oh my. Salty, cheesy, garlicky... you are singing words of love to me.
    I have to try this!
    Great small plates choice. Happy Happy!

  4. Sounds like perfect pickings for New Years Eve or Superbowl!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  5. Glad to have you back and hope you had a fun trip! Halloumi is still on my list of foods to try!! This looks fantastic. You had me at salty actually. I love salt. It's a good thing my blood pressure is so low.

    Happy New Year!

  6. oh my sis in maw loves this cheese
    Happy New Year Deb

    Love Rebecca

  7. I'm so glad to hear you had a great Christmas with your family and a safe trip home! I liked the halloumi bites pretty good too. I bet they would be great on a salad. I'm laughing because I used cilantro too and then rolled them up in a wheat tortilla just like a cheese burrito. Great pick!! I have no idea what I"m making yet.

  8. Oh the cheesy goodness of this one is so so good....
    And so quick to put by...
    Great one here and will use this one soon..
    Happy and brite new year to ya.....

  9. It looks wonderful!!
    Happy New Year!!

  10. Welcome home, Debbie. I've never eaten Halloumi, but anything salty and chewy in the cheese department is for me. The browning on your bites looks incredible. I don't recall ever seeing Halloumi in the grocery; will need to look in Whole Foods when we go to Florida.

  11. Okay. I want an EXTRA LARGE plate of this!! I've been wanting to make it FOREVER, but can't find any halloumi anywhere around me :( It looks amazing...great choice. Happy New Year, Deb!!!

  12. WOW this looks good! Wish I would have seen it before I went to the store... Oh well, guess I can make an extra trip... for cheese!!! Great choice!

  13. Warm melty cheese. I am sooo there! Happy New Year!

  14. I don't think I've ever had this kind of cheese. But I'm sure I would love it! Glad you had a good holiday. Happy New Year!

  15. Fried halloumi is such a treat! I love that squeaky little cheese!

  16. I've never ad this kind of cheese. It sounds like an awesome combination!


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