Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giveaway #3! Hawaii "Foodie Stuff" Box

It is time for Giveaway #3, the final one for my Blogoversary / 300th post celebration! Although I really liked the other prizes, this is probably my favorite, a little box of Aloha from Hawaii filled with some fun little foodie prizes like:
  • a Kona Coffee / Dark Espresso Chocolate Bar from Malie Kai Chocolates--Yum!
  • a Poke Mix, everything you need to make fish (or tofu if you don't do 'raw' fish!) poke at home!
  • a package of microwave Pineapple Kettle Corn, the perfect salty/sweet combo
  • a Hawaiian Tropical Tea Sampler with Mango and Passion Fruit Teas from The Pacific Place Tea Garden. 
  • Tutu's (means "Auntie's") Organic No Salt Seasoning from Aloha Spice Company, perfect for sprinkling on just about anything!
  • Natural Pineapple Hawaiian Cane Sugar, delicious on cookies, muffins and other baked goods.
  • Bamboo Jade Sea Salt from Palm Island-wonderful on stir-fry, soups, meat and fish
How's that for a bit of paradise in your mailbox? 

To win this prize, you don't have to have a blog or live in the US, but you do have to leave a comment and your comment must include the answer to this question: What kinds of little "foodie things" you would give someone to best represent your state or country?

Make sure you leave your comment, answering the question, by Noon, (HST) on Wednesday, May 20th. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Thursday.

Good Luck and have a great weekend! 


  1. well the UK
    - British tea- Yorkshire tea
    - Digestive biscuits
    - Custard
    - Heinz baked beans
    - Boston Sausages from my Grandparents town
    - Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate

    he he love your idea will be great to see what folks write


  2. wow! this giveaway is so much fun and i'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else posts i live in Cali, but was born in China & some of my favorite things to give to friends are:

    -freshly roasted chestnuts
    -dragonwell green tea
    -rose flavored pumpkin seeds
    -green bean powder cake with red bean paste inside (this one is a bit hard to describe, but its delish!)
    -dried plum candy


  3. Hi there - I love your Hawaii box - I actually love all the local foods you blog about, one day I will get there :o)
    So if I were sending someone a Canadian box? Hmmm, let's be more specific, a Maritime Canadian box, I would include:
    -Maple Syrup
    -Dulce (I can't stand the stuff, but Maritimers seems to like it)
    -Kraft Dinner (I had a friend who lived in Australia for a year and asked us to send her some)

  4. Well this is a hard one.. I am an American, but I live in the UK atm so.. I guess a sampling from both

    UK goodies(I went with an afternoon tea theme):
    - tea from Whittard of Chelsea or Fortnum & Mason
    - lavender & rose chocolates
    - elderflower cordial
    - Green & Black's Drinking Chocolate
    - scones
    - Strawberry jam (to go with the scones)

    for the US, a NY theme:
    - bagels (with some smoked salmon and cream cheese)
    - Nathan's brown mustard & hotdogs
    - Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup
    - the NY Times
    - Junior's cheesecake
    - Starbuck's coffee

  5. In my area, some of the signature foods are ghirardelli chocolate and sourdough bread! We also have a lot of local honeys, olive oil and wine.

  6. Yay for goodies!
    Little maple sugar candies in the shape of the maple leaf.
    Ice wine from Niagara falls.
    Canadian mustard - we are the top producer of mustard seeds!

  7. Love your Hawaii basket. Being from North Carolina there are sooo many specialties. I would include
    -North Carolina Barbeque
    -Moravian sugar cookies
    -Biscuits and gravy
    -Shrimp and grits
    -Pinto beans and corn bread
    -Collard greens

    This was a great idea.

  8. upstate NY:

    coffee from dunks
    franks red hot
    nys black label cheddar
    hard rolls

  9. I'm from Maryland. My picks are blue crabs and Old Bay Seasoning, plus Bergers cookies- hands down!

  10. mmm ... that box makes me miss Hawaii!! (I"m sipping on some pineapple tea Hawaiian Islands Tea Company - SO GOOD!)

    I'm in Wisconsin, so my picks would be:
    Cheese curds
    dried cherries from Door County
    and probably some more cheese :)

  11. That is easy! I would give them Alaska smoked salmon and Alaska wild raspberry jam.I would tuck in some Alaska Forget-Me-Not flower seeds (our state flower) and a beautiufl Ulu (a cutting knife designed and originated with the Alaska Natives) which uses a rocking motion to cut and finally I would include a jar of Birch Tree pancake syrup and a little bag of spruce cones.

  12. From Cali:

    * almonds
    * wine
    * good olive oil
    * Scharffen Berger chocolate

  13. great question and giveaway!
    I would give green tea (loose leaf), biscuits made with green tea, maybe some yokan, miso soup packets, furikake.

  14. This is a great giveaway, but I can't think! What represents Tennessee??? Um, Jack Daniels Whiskey? Memphis Barbecue? Moon Pies? Moonshine?

  15. I live in Hawaii too, so apart from all the goodies in your giveaway, I would probably pack up the following:

    Alae salt
    Kona coffee
    furikake popcorn
    choco mac nuts
    Hilo madetaro chips

  16. I want to win!!! In NJ some of the foods would be:
    Jersey tomatoes
    Jersey Corn
    Salt Water Taffy
    Peanut Brittle
    Jersey Peaches
    Brick oven thin crust Pizza

  17. Even though I'm not entering, I just had to say that I love everyone's ideas! They're a wonderful insight into regional specialties.

  18. This is a tough one. The state I live in is known for fantastic cuisine, but not any foods/products in particular. I think I would go with American things I miss when I travel (note, my choices are slightly less gourmet :) ...

    - Organic PB (recalls be darned) w/ a good solid dark chocolate bar (from a domestic chocolatier) made just for dipping
    - Home-baked, chewy chocolate chips cookies (or cookies from Liz Lovely)
    - Flavorful Salad Dressings, Organicville being my top pick (North America loves its salads)
    - Rice Krispy Treats

    I could go on, but I am getting hungry!

  19. The first thing is that it must be given with Aloha. Either made or gathered from local producers that really make an effort to make special things from the Hawaiian soil or ocean.

    If they were coming to visit, there would me more perishable things like poke and a lei.

    But I am assuming you mean something you could send? First I would include one of my hand made pieces of art, made in Hawaii. I might fill one of my shells with some local goodies like Lilikoi jam, dried fish jerky or Hamakua Coast Coffee Beans and Chocolate. I would be sure to include some local sea salt and seasonings, mac nuts, maybe some vanilla from the local vanilla farm & some tea from one of our local tea farms. I would wrap it all up in a local newspaper and include a CD of "IZ" music.

  20. So much to choose from here in Pennsylvania!
    1) Delicious cheese from one of the amazing dairy farms in the eastern part of the state.
    2) A starter kit to make Amish Friendship bread. The Amish live primarily in the central Lancaster area of the state.
    3) Wine from one of the vineyards of Lake Erie in the north.
    4) Bottle of Heinz ketchup and a few Clark Bar candy bars from Pittsburgh in the west.
    5) A jug of maple syrup. Didn't know Pennsylvania has great maple trees? We do!

  21. Fun giveaway! I am in central CA and would include locally grown nuts, figs, raisins and wine.

  22. Alaska-Birch Tree Syrup
    King Crab Legs

  23. Having spent most of my life in Holland and now living in Germany, I would send a mix of both countries...

    From Holland:
    - Stroopwafels (syrupcookies)
    - Verkade chocolate
    - Bitterkoekjes (chewy almondcookies)
    - jonge Jenever (booze ;) )
    - Old Amsterdam or Reypenaer (really yummie old Cheeses)

    From Germany:
    - Spätzle (potato-pasta)
    - Mix for Geschnetzeltes (to eat with the Spätzle)
    - Lebkuchen (spicecookies)
    - Locally brewed beer

  24. This is such a great idea for a giveaway, Deb!! I'm sure with a little more thinking and research, I could come up with more, but to start:
    -Indiana grown Popcorn
    -South Bend Chocolate Factory chocolates
    -Locally made honey
    -Locally made Maple Syrup
    -A fabulous Indiana Wine
    So fun...

  25. Hmmm this is kind of a toughie question but this giveaway looks too amazing to pass up a chance at. So lets assume my home is NY, I would include:

    - a dried salami from a REAL Italian butcher
    - some of the best Italian breakfast cookies I've ever had
    - a good bottle of olive oil
    - a bottle of bbq sauce from Dinosaur BBQ which is the best bbq place in the city
    - bagels
    - if I thought it would ship well at all, a slice of pizza

  26. RI box of goodies:
    coffee syrup
    Gray's corn meal (right up the road)
    Sakonnet Vineyards wine (up the road in the opposite direction)
    and how about some of my own jam/jelly?

  27. I leave in the Pacific Northwest and I would like people to experience
    * smoked salmon
    * geoduck - it only grows here (and if I could, serve it to you ina chinese stir fry with fermented black bean suce - yum!)
    * Deer Mountain jam - Huckleberry (harvested in nearby mountains/family run business)
    * Snoqualmie Falls Oatmeal (a great destination and some yummy oatmeal)
    *Market Spice Tea (from Pike's Place Market - and everyone in town has had some or bought some)

  28. From BC:
    - Okanagan wine
    - Smoked salmon
    - Something apple (maybe those Aplets dried fruit candies)
    - Local cheese

    If I was going for a Canada-wide box, I'd add in some maple syrup and some kind of grain.

  29. I'm also from northern BC, Canada. We don't have that much that really represents us here. But we do have a few exciting things:

    - candied salmon. No one from outside BC ever seems to have heard of it, and they always think it sounds gross, but it tastes amazing
    - birch syrup. The little-known western cousin of maple syrup
    - Labrador tea. A local plant that makes an interesting tea. Although too much can have negative effects, it's a lovely drink, and part of our native and trapper heritage
    - sour dough starter. A necessity for early settlers and prospectors

  30. Being from the Lone Star State - this would be on my list...

    1. Real Dr. Pepper from Dublin, made with original pure cane sugar!
    2. Texas' best BBQ Sauce
    3. Depending on customs, a Vidalia onion and a Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit
    4. Mayhaw jelly
    5. Wolf Brand Chili, from Corsicana
    6. Homemade Catfish batter
    7. Ranch Style Beans, from Ft. Worth
    8. Hell on the Red Salsa, from Telephone
    9. Adams extract, from Austin
    10. A Texas cookbook, of course!

    If I could send some Blue Bell Ice Cream from Brennan, I would :(

  31. Well, let's see. For some of the best foods from the fabulous Pacific Northwest I would need a big box with dry ice.
    - Fresh oysters from this great sustainable farm: Taylor Shellfish,
    - fresh coho salmon,
    - Trailhead cheese from Mt. Townsend Creamery
    - and the perfect nectarines from Rama farms in Bridgeport.

    No apples or cherries..there are just so many other great foods from here.

    Don't you miss it?
    xo CDF

  32. I am in California so i guess I would give Disneyland gift card!
    Gift card to my favorite eating spot! Rainforest Cafe! Flip Flops and sun tan lotion!
    my daughter's name is Waimea!

  33. Hmm.. Let's see.. I'm gonna have to say mangoes, coconuts, dried fish, and fermented shrimp paste. If the contest was for smelliest foods, I'd win hands down.

  34. Another Indiana entry here. Indiana isn’t exactly a culinary hotspot, but as a representative taste of the Hoosier state, I would suggest the following items: Shagbark hickory syrup; persimmon fudge; a box of Abbottʻs old-fashioned butter caramels; Yoder popcorn; and a jar of apple butter. Iʻd also throw in a box of Saltines and the recipe for breaded pork tenderloin!

  35. I'm from Hawaii and I usually send or give all or a variety of these:
    - Kauai coffee (flavored w/ choc/mac nut if they drink flavored)
    - a box or bag of chocolate covered mac nuts
    - sampler of cans of mac nuts w/ different seasonings
    - li hing mango
    - Kauai cookies (mac nut, guava or kona coffee usually)
    - hurricane popcorn kit
    - guava jam or jelly
    - Pacific Garden Tea: Lychee tea
    Thanx for the fun. I am enjoying your blog and the comments on this giveaway are interesting. As we like to travel, it's an interesting way to see what we might want to pick up in different places.


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