Saturday, August 25, 2018

Weekend Cooking: Guest-Hosting (and Hurricane / Storm Watching)

Aloha Weekend Cooking Participants. I hope you are all doing well. I am guest-hosting this week again as Beth Fish Reads continues her travels. I planned on making and posting a Eric Ripert dessert recipe and combining my Weekend Cooking and I Heart Cooking Clubs efforts, but between my new job and prepping for the impending Hurricane Lane (poised to strike Oahu sometime tonight), real life got in the way. So once again, I bring you a few foodie links I found interesting this week for this pre-scheduled (in case I lose power tonight) post, as I sit here Friday afternoon, waiting and watching. 

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I will confess to intensely disliking pumpkin spice anything--including the original pumpkin-spiced dish, pumpkin pie, but I found this article from Cooking Light about the history behind the phenomenon of pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING to be pretty interesting.
How Did Pumpkin Spice Become So Popular? And Why Do We Hate to Love It So Much?

Are you a fan of all the pumpkin-spiced food out there, or a foe? 

Stacey Ballis is a favorite foodie fiction author of mine and I also like the creative recipes she posts for Extra Crispy. (I totally will be making her Stuffing Butter again for Thanksgiving this  year.) I am completely drawn to this Eggplant Parmedict--her mash-up of Eggplant Parm and Eggs Benedict. I could happily devour this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Photo by Stacey Ballis

Do you ever stand in front of the chile peppers at Whole Foods or the farmers market and try to remember which ones are mild, versus the fire-engine hot ones? I do.;-) Your Guide to the 10 Chile Peppers Most Likely to Show Up in a Recipe from MyRecipes is a helpful article I pinned to my Cooking Tips, Tricks, Ideas board.

Cathy Scola/ Getty Images

Finally in case I lose my electricity tonight and can't link my post up for a bit, I'll mention it here. A book review of a mystery-thriller and food-wise, since eggs were mentioned in the book, I tried the Ziploc bag method of omelets for a tasty Thyme-Mushroom Omelet. A little science in the kitchen can be fun and although I don't think I would boil my eggs in plastic bags often, it turned out well and would be great if cooking for a crowd. Here's the link to the recipe and review post.

Well my friends, I am setting this post up to go and hopefully will not lose power or lose it for long. (The Friday 2:00 PM update is Hurricane Lane is now down to a Category 1 and we hope it goes down more and turns to the west before it gets close. And the Friday 5:00 PM update has Lane downgraded to a tropical storm but since we still have heavy rains and wind gusts in the forecast, I'll leave this as scheduled in case the power still goes out.) I'll get around to comment on your posts once I am able. (Note: If you are a Souper Sundays participant, it may be on hold for this week based on what happens.)
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  1. I must confess that I've never understood the pumpkin thing but that's mainly because we eat it as savoury only. Things like pumpkin soup, roasted etc

    Stay safe.

  2. I like pumpkin pie spice but admit to not using often. New recipes need to be incorporated here so i can get that spice to use! Sorry to hear about the hurricane prep, we are well familiar with that in Florida. Seems like you are at your very busiest now with the new job, the storm, guest hosting!

    Thanks for hosting and I hope you didn’t lose power.

  3. I don't like anything pumpkin other than bread. My husband hates eggplant, wonder if I could sneak this past him??
    Hopefully you all are safe.

  4. Thanks for pitching in and guest-hosting Deb. I packed a lot of wellness info and food tips into my share, "Plant-based Food Tips to Make Life Healthy and Lively." Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out of the storm. Nancy Andres @

  5. Good luck dodging the hurricane! And thanks for hosting this month.

    best... mae at

  6. I grow my own peppers in the summer so I know what I'm getting. The sweet and bell peppers are pretty much the same as the produce dept, but the jalapenos I have in my yard are on fire. Too hot for me, but my parrots love them.

  7. So glad the hurricane was downgraded. Thanks for hosting.

  8. Great links! A friend of mine does the eggs in a bag trick for an annual holiday brunch / open house. It really does work well. Thanks for hosting!


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