Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flashback Special--5 Fabulous Summer Soups for Souper (Soup, Salad, & Sammie) Sundays!

Well my friends, I have done what I vowed NEVER to do. I skipped making a soup this week!  I know... I can hardly believe it myself. 

By the time this posts I will be just landed in Toronto for the quickest, longest trip business trip ever. I'm on planes for 12 hours, get in to the city to hook up with one of my favorite blogging friends for some face-to-face girl time that's been over 6 years in the making.  Then it's three packed days of work--including a day and a half teaching a workshop and back on the planes for the 12 hours back to Hawaii on Thursday. Whew! Soup just didn't happen.

Not one to let a Souper Sundays go by, I decided to do a flashback post of five of my favorite summer soups. Some people think soup isn't for summer--but I think it's perfect all year round. Here are five fabulous ones to get you in a souper (Sundays) mood. 

Green Grape and Marcona Almond Gazpacho:  
Gazpacho is the perfect summer soup and I like my gazpacho to be unique like this one full of cool refreshment from the green grapes and cucumber and made creamy from the Marcona almonds.  

Creamy Lime and Coconut Edamame Soup:
This soup was a thrown-together, pantry and fridge clean out creation. It's Thai-flavor profile is tangy with a little kick of heat. It's also good at any temperature making perfect for any kind of summer weather.  

Sure one is made with winter squash but you can always swap it out for a summer squash. Any of these Three "Detox" Soups would be perfect for a summer lunch or dinner starter. My favorite is the Roasted Red Pepper but they are all quick to make and full of flavor. 

There you have it--soups that are quick to make, healthy and taste great on a warm summer day!

We have a couple of friends hanging out with salads in the Souper Sundays kitchen--let's take a look.

Foodycat shares her Meat-Free Monday salad of Eggs, Peas and Feta and says, "I saw a picture on pinterest, of a dish similar to this, but the link didn't work and my google-fu let me down. So I made up my own version. It has several of your so-called five-a-day and is utterly delicious and satisfying."

Tigerfish of Teczscape - An Escape to Food brings Broccolini and Bean Sprouts in Peanut Vinaigrette Salad and says, "Today, this three-ingredient salad is enjoyed with a newly created peanut-sauce dressing, an upgraded version from this basic peanut butter sauce, which is perfectly balanced - nutty, tangy, salty, sweet, spicy.

Thanks to Foodycat and Tigerfish for joining in this week. If you have a soup, salad or sandwich that you would like to share, just click on the Souper Sundays logo on the side bar for all of the details.

Have a happy, healthy week!


  1. www.teczcape.blogspot.comJuly 13, 2014 at 7:17 PM

    Thanks for the flashback. That grape soup is interesting.

  2. That sounds like a rough business trip, but I'm so jealous that you'll get to meet Natashya!! Have fun!

  3. That's a buncha travel - you will be tired and too bad you don't have some soup to thaw out for your return. So jealous you get to see Natashya. Love her reviews and I know you'll have a great time visiting.


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