Friday, September 19, 2008

Behold the Dragon Fruit!

Sometimes you have to post things that are just too beautiful not to share like these Dragon Fruit, (also called "pitaya" or "pitahya" in Central and South America). These were grown locally (I believe on the Big Island) and I love how their colorful scales make them look like beautiful tropical fish. The fact that they happen to taste delicious and are very good for you is a bonus. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and assorted other minerals, Dragon fruit have similar seeds and texture to a kiwi. The taste is mild and sweet; kind of like kiwi mixed with pear and a bit of melon thrown in. Although the two colors here are different varieties, they taste very similar.

Sometimes they can be pretty expensive. This week our new Whole Foods had them for $9.99 a pound, Foodland (on a special for members) had them for $5.99 a pound. I got these at a Farmer's Market for $4.00 each.
Dragon fruit make a spectacular addition to a fruit salad or even better, just chopped and served in their own beautiful hollowed out shell. I prefer them icy cold with a small squeeze of lime juice.

Max (appearing as "Cat Dracula"), on the other hand prefers to get his antioxidants and vitamins by sucking the "blood" or chlorophyll out of his tray of "Kitty Grass".

Happy Aloha Friday Everyone! Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That is the most beautiful fruit that I have ever seen.
    I love the dragonfruit bowl with the diced fruit in it. It looks so inviting.
    We don't get them here in Canada, I look forward to trying them one day.

  2. OMG, the dragon fruit is beautiful. I want somne. I can honestly say I've never seen it here in the desert Southwest. BUT, I'm going to try and order it from the store and see if they'll have some shipped in. Your photos are excellent.

  3. They come in yellow too? I never knew! I've admired the pink ones in the supermarket but I have never tried them.

    Dracula Max is lovely.

  4. Oh, my those look so yummy. I would never had known what that was. Thanks for posting it. On top of not knowing what the heck it was... I probably NEVER would have tasted one. Here's hoping that we'll get stationed in Hawaii someday and I can have some too!

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  6. They DO look like tropical fish!

    The insides are so pretty too. I'd love to try one. If I see them in the store, I'll have to pick one up.

  7. Kat--thanks!

    Natashya--I hope you get to try them soon.

    Teresa-thanks, it is such a beautiful fruit it is easy to photograph!

    Foodycat--they are pretty and taste good too. Max says "Fangs you very much! ;-)

    Cat--I'll keep my fingers crossed you get posted here for awhile!

    Puppymama--I almost glued little eyes on them to make them really fish-like! ;-)


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