Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blood Orange-Ginger Saketini: A Refreshing Cocktail & "Simple Saturday Sipper"

We haven't had a cocktail as a "Simple Saturday Sipper" in quite some time, (December actually!), and this was a cocktail kind of week. It wasn't a bad week, in fact it was a great week for lots of reasons--just a really busy one. So to end the week, a fun alcoholic beverage was needed. This Blood-Orange-Ginger Saketini came about when I came across some beautiful blood oranges at a newly opened gourmet grocery store by my house. Less than $2.00 for 3 of them, I knew I wanted them in a drink, but wasn't sure what I was going to make until I got home and saw a small bottle of sparkling sake. For a little extra kick, I decided to add some agave-sweetened ginger syrup that I have in my in my fridge.

Blood Orange-Ginger Saketini
by Deb, Kahakai Kitchen

(Makes 2)

1/3 cup blood orange juice (from about 2 & 1/2 blood oranges)
1 ounce ginger syrup or juice
about 8 oz cold sparkling sake
blood orange slices to garnish

Equally divide blood orange juice and ginger syrup into two martini glasses. Top with sparkling sake and serve with blood orange slices as a garnish. Sip and enjoy.

Notes/Results: Ahhh...perfect! Lightly sweet, a pop from the ginger and some fizzy goodness from the sparkling sake make this a delicious cocktail. Simple to make and the color is so pretty too. A perfect sipper to kick off the weekend--which since I am taking back to back cooking classes all day today, isn't looking any quieter than my week. Oh well... ;-)

So what are your weekend plans?


  1. Oh wow! Perfect blood oranges - and I had no idea you could buy sparkling sake! This is the most gorgeous drink.

  2. I am so jealous of your back-to-back cooking classes. Would you like to trade for my weekend full of studying?

    The beauty of alcohol is that it can be used to make bad days better AND good days even more awesome. These sound delicious. Did you make your own agave-ginger syrup or buy it?

    And in response to your comment about the orzotto, I have used whole wheat orzo before and would have this time if Whole Foods hadn't run out.

  3. What a beautiful drink! I have never heard of sparkling sake, sounds wonderful! I'll put it on the booze list.
    Have a wonderful time at your classes, can't wait to see what you made!

  4. Deb, thanks for all your great sipper suggestions. I am enjoying complying a folder of all of them. And the ones I have tried are spectacular.

    Many many thanks for another one...

  5. My weekend plans include making this drink - just for me!

  6. I love blood oranges. I bet this drink was delicious.

  7. Wow, I want one of these right now and it's only 1 in the afternoon! That is such a pretty drink and the flavors sound amazing.

    Your cooking classes sound awesome!

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Foodycat & Natashya--I find it in small bottles mostly here. If you can't find sparkling sake you could use regular and add a bit of club soda.

    Joanne--I made my syrup--I have been throwing extra ginger in my juicer mixing it up with agave and keeping it in my fridge for occasions such as this. ;-)

  9. These sound incredible! I just recently tried my first blood orange (late bloomer :)) and I loved it, of course. We are huge sake fans and the ginger just puts it over the top. I need a cocktail!

  10. I am in Sicily for a couple of months and the market is full of blood oranges. I love them and it is a luxury to have them every day.

  11. beautiful cocktail! and fantastic pictures too.

  12. Hi Deb, I'm posting a blood orange vodkatini tomorrow and linking to yours. It looks and sounds amazing. Can't wait to try it!


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