Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I Am Loving This Week

Yep, if you haven't figured it out by now, I am a bit of a snacker. I try not to snack a lot, and I try to keep my choices on the healthy side but I do need a little treat that tastes great now and then. So this "Things I Am Loving This Week" is devoted to some things that I have been noshing on that I am enjoying and want to share. 

First up, a visit to the tomato booth at the farmer's market yielded not only tomatoes but these gorgeous ears of corn that I thought would make a nice fall table decoration.

While I was paying for my goodies, they asked if I was going to pop the corn and explained that I could put it in the microwave in a paper bag and it would pop. Science in the kitchen--how fun!

I tried it out, (tentatively as I was sure I was going to mess it up and set the microwave on fire or something!), by using the smallest cob and it actually works--and makes pretty good popcorn too. Like store-bought microwave popcorn, you have to watch it so it doesn't burn, but in under a couple of minutes, there was a decent amount of popped corn in the bag and some still attached to the cob.

With some sea salt and black pepper, I found I didn't even need any butter or oil and I had a healthy snack that provided its own entertainment. I just love fun fall decor that you can eat! 

Although when it comes to sweet cravings, chocolate is usually my drug snack of choice, but sometimes candy like gummy bears sounds appealing. I found these Gummy Pandas by Bissingers at Whole Foods. Sure, they are made of sugar but they are made with organic tapioca syrup, organic sugar and they are gluten free with no artificial colors or sweeteners so I can feel better about popping a few in my mouth every now and then. 

They come in flavors like Pomegranate White TeaGoji GuavaBlueberry AcaiGreen Tea and Pink Grapefruit and they taste great. 

I have tried both the Blueberry Acai and the Pomegranate White Tea and I love the fact that they are sweet without being too sweet. A fun trip back to childhood. 

I love yogurt as a snack, but I love very thick creamy yogurt (like Greek yogurt) and I like it to be not too sweet, with no artificial sugars or flavors. I think I may have found "yogurt nirvana" with siggi's, an Icelandic-style "skyr" or strained non-fat yogurt. This stuff is insanely creamy and good, non-fat and it has just 130 calories and 10g of sugars in each 6-ounce serving. The ingredients for my Orange & Ginger yogurt are Pasteurized Skim Milk, Agave Nectar, Candied Ginger, Orange Extract, Live Active Cultures  and Vegetable Rennet. (Very wholesome!). The milk comes from grass-fed cows without bovine growth hormones. 

The company, based out of New York, was started when transplanted Icelander Siggi Hilmarsson was homesick and missing skyr, the traditional yogurt of Iceland. He made the first batch in his kitchen, then proceeded to experiment until he had a great product, (you can read the story here).

Our Whole Foods started stocking a few of the many flavors and I am loving this product. With 16g of protein in a serving, it's a great breakfast with some granola sprinkled in, but it is creamy and decadent tasting enough to stand on its own as an afternoon treat or even dessert. It is really the best yogurt I have had and believe me I have tried a lot of them. 

So those are the snacks and "Things I Am Loving This Week". What are you snacking on that you love?


  1. Great Whole Foods finds this week! I love the corn - delicious, nutritious, AND aesthetically pleasing. The picture of the popped kernels sprouting out from the cob is hysterical.

    I am going to see if my Whole Foods has that yogurt. Right now I'm addicted to the Wallaby brand. They make a vanilla mixed with chocolate that is to die for. You must try it.

  2. Mmm, yummy snacks this week. Hey, if you call yourself a grazer.. it sounds almost virtuous!
    I especially love the decorative corn that you can pop - how cool is that!

  3. The corn is so pretty. It has me wondering if they can grow the corn locally in Hawaii? My son is allergic to red food dye and he loves those gummy pandas! I've had them and they are good. I can't believe your yogurt has 16g of protein in it, that's awesome. I'll keep a look out for it over at whole foods.

  4. What gorgeous pictures of the corn; I can't believe you popped it! That had to be so much fun.

    I can barely get through a container of regular yogurt anymore once I discovered Greek. I can't get to Whole Foods so I pick up the Fage or even the Oikos by Stoneyfield Farms, slather it with a wee bit of honey and then crumble some walnuts on top. One of my favorite snacks.

  5. You've traveled the globe and food spectrum with your snack choices :-).
    I love the popping ear of corn. Do you have any idea how long it will be viable?

  6. Love the corn. And I've been wanting to try the yougurt and gummy treats.

  7. I never saw such pretty corn at a farmer's market before =). That's pretty neat you could make that popcorn!

    And I'd probably attack that entire bag of gummy bears. Next time at Whole Foods I'll have to check it out. I was addicted to gummy bears when I was pregnant and was looking for a "healthier" version.

  8. Deb... You are popping with goodies today! The colors of the corn are spectacular and the popping technique is a great tip, too. I have been a huge fan of Siggi’s yogurt for awhile. Almost every morning for breakfast, I have it with some homemade granola. I love their Pomegranate & Passion Fruit and Acai Berries.

    Love your weekly “finds”….

  9. Deb! That's a wonderful idea! I always thought the dried corn on the cob were ornamental!

    I love gummi bears too. I recall having some in Hawaii that were sprinkled with dried plum powder. They were addictive!

  10. popping the whole ear in the micro that sounds fun!

  11. That corn is gorgeous...I especially love the garnet-colored one! Sounds perfect with a little sea salt and pepper. And that yogurt sounds incredible! There isn't a Whole Foods in my area, so I doubt I'll find it but I'll my eyes open for it just in case! :)

  12. Joanne--I will have to try that one for sure

    Natashya--"grazer" always makes me think of a cow though! ;-)

    Kim--this corn was grown locally on the North Shore. There is quite a lot of corn grown around the island.

    Lisa--I am a huge Fage fan too!

    Mary--Since it is dried, I would think it should be fine for several weeks as long as it is kept clean and dry.

    Pinkstripes: I hope you like them!

    SageMom--it was at the North Shore tomato booth. Hopefully they will have more. ;-)

    George--I hope we get those flavors in--I saw them on the website and they look great.

    Fresh Local and Best--ah yes, Li hing mui powder--they put it on many things here. ;-)

    Kat--it was fun!

    Faith--hope you find it. Maybe at a natural foods store.

  13. Everything looks so good - but that popcorn really threw me for a loop! I had heard about popping cobs but never actually seen it done nor have I ever tried it. The kids would totally love it!

  14. Deb, I linked this post my write up on the NY farmers' market.



  15. Love the indian corn! It's great that you can also use it as a snack. I've never seen the gummies, but I think we have the Siggi's yogurt where I work. I'll have to try it!


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