Monday, April 21, 2008

Banana Snack Cake

I am not exactly sure why there were several large bunches of really ugly looking bananas with a "Help Yourself" sign on the kitchen counter at work but I felt I had to do my part and take a small bunch home. Since in addition to being a strange greenish color with brown spots, they were much too soft for my taste so I needed something to put them in. I had this Banana Cake recipe from saved that I have been wanting to try--probably more for the topping than the cake itself. I threw it together and in the oven tonight. It went together quickly and baked up well, (which my lack of patience and baking skills appreciated!) The streusel like topping of chocolate chips, chopped peanuts and brown sugar was rich and almost a little bit too much for the moist tasty cake underneath. However I did manage to eat a small piece and the rest is going back to work--a big improvement over the bananas it came from.

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