Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shrimp Arnaud

Before I decided to go with appetizers from Campbell's "Easy Ways to Delicious Meals" Cookbook for my Blog Party "retro offerings", I was considering making some things from the Gourmet Cookbook, from Gourmet Magazine, published in 1950. (Also purchased at the Friends of Hawaii Library Book Sale for $4.00) Convenience and kitsch won out over elegance in that battle but when I ended up with some leftover cooked shrimp I remembered one of the hors d'oeuvre recipes I tagged; Shrimp Arnaud and decided to try it. Not being familiar with the name, I googled it and found that it seems to be named after Arnauds Restaurant, a famous historic restaurant in New Orleans and is a type of remoulade (think of a kind of tarter sauce like condiment served with meat and fish). Louisiana remoulades are usually red and have either a mayonnaise, ketchup or oil base. Although Gourmet's recipe wasn't quite like the one the restaurant serves, it sounded good. Plus the "recipe" itself is pretty funny--it leaves a lot to interpretation--no real measurements--"very little chili sauce" for example!

Shrimp Arnaud
The Gourmet Cookbook

"Blend vinegar and olive oil in equal parts and flavor with green onion, finely chopped, garlic, crushed, very little chili sauce, and very little Creole mustard. Toss cold cooked shrimp with this dressing and let the shrimp marinate overnight. Sprinkle with paprika and serve."

I served it with a yellow rice that I had leftover and some salad but it would be good with some red beans and rice or over salad greens as well. Can you believe I forgot to sprinkle it with paprika!? The phone rang and I was simultaneously talking on it, fixing the plate and feeding Max his dinner and I completely spaced until after I took the picture and was almost done eating it. Oh well! It has a nice tangy, lightly spicy flavor. I would make it again and make sure to add the paprika this time!


Colleen said...

yummy. i want to lick the screen. the shrimp looks fabulous. gota try it. so i get a prize for being the first one to post a comment?

Ben said...

What a nice way to prepare shrimp. I am a sucker for them so I could eat them any way. :-p Nice blog I envy you, I wanna live in paradise :D

1freshstart said...

I don't eat fishies, but I'm a fan of shellfish every once in a while. We had shrimp last night and I threw the last 5 out! I wish I'd saved them and made something wonderful like this for lunch today.
~The Cat's Pajamas

Natashya said...

I love shrimpies. Is that escabeche(sp?) where you marinate it after cooking?
You got some great finds at the book sale, I had no idea Gourmet was around that long.
Dinner looks great! Even without paprika.

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Hi Deb. You've made a fan out of my husband. He loves his shrimp. He took a look at the screen and said ...I'm making that! So I guess he's cooking tonight. Thanks for the great post.

Debinhawaii said...

Colleen--I think you should get a prize for sure!

Ben--Thanks! I got a chance to look at your blog too (while admiring the ice cream). You have some great posts and recipes.

Cat's PJs--oh well next time maybe!

Natashya--I think if not exactly its very escabeche like! ;-)

Theresa--I think you guys like spicy right?--so maybe go a bit more on the chili sauce. (a little instead of "very little") ;-)

Michelle said...

I've done that before - but mine was a sauce, and worse, I even forgot to serve it with the sauce!

This looks scrumptious! Especially on that yellow rice...how do you make yellow rice, anyway? I've always wondered that! Hope you're having a good week!

Debinhawaii said...

Michelle--you make it with saffron but (shh...don't tell anyone!) this was from a Mahatma brand rice mix package I buy occasionally when feeling lazy. ;-)

Prudy said...

I was in NO in June and went to Arnauds and had this shrimp. It is sooo good. I ate mine and finished off my friend's who found it too spicey. NO such thing in my book.