Sunday, August 10, 2008

Foodie Nightmare # 6

I am calling this post Foodie Nightmare # 6, I am not sure that is the actual number but I have to believe it is in the Top Ten at least. Yesterday was supposed to be a pretty normal Saturday, I was going to hang out with a friend but I woke up with a major sinus headache so I canceled and went back to bed for awhile before running some errands, buying ingredients for a couple of upcoming posts; Ina this week, the Royal Foodie Joust, and so on. Got home, turned on the Olympics, started to write a post about samosas and decided I needed some ice. When I went to get it, I found water instead--oh _____!!!!(insert favorite curse word) -- it wasn't working!!! I opened the refrigerator--oh _____ !!!!! (insert worse favorite curse word here)-- it wasn't working either.

I'll spare you most of the gory details but it involved a trip to buy a cooler and ice, a trip to a friends with what I could salvage from the freezer (mostly just the fish still frozen on the bottom shelf) and a trip to Sears to buy a new one. (I should leave out smacking my head on the freezer at the store while grabbing ice and having a good cry in the car because it hurt and I was mad). On the good news side, Sears was having a sale; on the bad news side, the sale means they are busy and I can't get delivery until Wednesday! On the good news side, I'll have a really clean fridge/freezer; on the bad news side, I had to throw out a lot and that is so wasteful (all those wonderful ingredients). On the good news side, I also had to clean and sort my pantry cupboard too to make room for some of the dry goods I normally keep in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator (bugs in Hawaii) so I now I have a clean pantry; on the bad news side, I spent most of my weekend dealing with the entire mess.

It is pretty difficult living without a refrigerator--I would have sucked as a pioneer! My need for really cold water to drink is staggering, let alone all the food storage issues. My storage consists of two coolers right now. I won't be cooking much of anything until Wednesday I guess, but I have a couple of things to post about before then. The Baked Turkey Samosas post will happen tomorrow as I'm freaking exhausted right now.

Hope everyone else had a better weekend!


Post Addendum: You have to be creative living out of coolers and I am trying to work through the salvaged perishables so as not to waste or have to store more food. I had basically just slammed together some bags full of stuff to take to my friend's house--mostly freezer but some refrigerator stuff too. In doing inventory for dinner tonight I found I left myself some steak, a red bell pepper, cilantro and a package of whole wheat tortillas. With an onion, a lime and some spices from the pantry, dinner tonight was actually some pretty decent fajitas. I would have liked some guacamole but I did have yogurt and I flavored it with some cumin to put on top. Not too shabby!


  1. oh no! that is a nightmare, but I like how you also looked at the postives. take care and big hug!

  2. This is my biggest fear since I've been stockpiling meats for the past few months. I'm so sorry and I'm glad you caught it early. That happened to my parents while they were out of town. Imagine the stench!

  3. oh no!! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience ... hopefully things will get better!

  4. Kat, Prudie and Jess--Thanks for the kind words and support. I just had a decent dinner so things are looking up! ;-)

  5. ARRRRRRRRGH! We just went through our fridge dying, and losing all that food (and access to delicious cold water) is sickening. The situation will push your creativity, though! The countdown to Wednesday is on!!! ;)

  6. Oh! I hate it when appliances rebel. Don't they know that they work for us!?!
    I hope you are feeling better and you camping days are short.
    A little bubbly in the bubble bath might make you feel better. It always works for me.

  7. Rebecca--you have my sincere sympathyfor going through it as well. Only one day left!

  8. Natashya--Thanks for the supprt. I took a bubble bath last night as a matter of fact--very good for the soul! ;-)


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