Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Want to Be the Next Iron Foodie 2010!

When I saw an email about the Iron Foodie 2010 Contest, sponsored by Marx Foods and The Foodie BlogRoll I knew I had to enter. 25 challengers are selected to receive a mystery box of 8 wonderful secret ingredients hand-picked by Marx Foods. The object is to use 3 of those ingredients in an original, creative, Iron Foodie-worthy winning recipe. It gets both my creative and competitive juices flowing! To enter, all interested participants need to answer five fun and thought-provoking questions for the judges to select the 25 challengers by... so here goes!

Why do you want to compete in this challenge?

I am a junkie for cooking competition shows--Iron Chef, Iron Chef America (Morimoto crush alert!), Chopped, Top Chef and I love to watch what the chefs create with the ingredients they are given and try to determine what I would have done with the same ingredients. I recently had a blast in the Marx foods and Joanne Eats Well With Others Recipe Impossible Winter Squash competition. (My entry of Kabocha Cupcakes with Maple-Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting is here.) Getting that box of mystery ingredients was a total thrill and call me greedy but I want more--more challenge, more mystery and of course more of Marx Foods great ingredients!

Limitations of time/space notwithstanding, whose kitchen would you like to spend the day in & why? Julia Child, Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, James Beard, Marie-Antoine Careme, or The Swedish Chef?

Although Julia Child and James Beard would be right up there, the sheer fascination of spending the day with Ferran Adria would have to win out. I have spent many an hour salivating over his "A Day at El Bulli" book at Barnes & Noble and I would love to spend a day in his workshop watching him create and perfect his "deconstructionist" recipes and then get to enjoy his 30 course tasting menu.

What morsel are you most likely to swipe from family & friends’ plates when they aren’t looking?

I'm not too proud to admit that I will swipe an endless variety of food items off of my family and friends' plates when they aren't looking and even when they are. (I do usually ask first!) Being a complete food lover with a Libra's inability to make decisions, I am happiest having dinner with you if you are willing and eager to share bites from our respective plates--the more different tastes the better. Also I tend to try to order side salads with my burgers and sandwiches in order to feel better about myself, so if you got the fries, beware...I am stealing some! ;-)

Sum your childhood up in one meal.

My mom's Chicken Fricassee with mashed potatoes and her warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies for dessert congers up childhood to me. Making simple, homey, comfort food is something my mom excels at and her fricassee with it's moist chicken and creamy gravy was/is my only choice for my Birthday dinner. She also makes the best chocolate chip cookies--soft, chewy and addictive.

The one mainstream food you can’t stand?
OK, I may actually get kicked out of America for this but I really can't stand pumpkin pie. There is something about the pureed pumpkin and the combination of spices that just doesn't work at all for me. It is everywhere this time of year--lattes, teas, even smoothies--yikes! It gives me the shudders just thinking about it.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get selected for the challenge round please! ;-) Even if I don't, answering the questions was fun. I'll keep you updated...

BTW: Judges--I tried a bazillion times to get the badge to look right but it doesn't seem to want to work on my blog. It looks fine in preview. ;-( I assure you my cooking skills are better than my technical skills!

Iron Foodie 2010 | Here's Why that will be me: -- Fine Bulk Foods The Foodie BlogRoll


  1. I hope they choose you as one of the contestants! I like the new look of your blog too :)

  2. Woot woot! I'm SO glad you're doing this! I thought about it but then decided that my life is too crazy right now. And if I know Justin, this won't be the last crazy competition he'll put out there.

    You can steal food off my plate anyday. But I won't have any fries either, so we may have to ask someone else along. Natashya, perhaps?

  3. Oh, this sounds perfect for you! I loved this post! And your blog looks fantastic!!!!

  4. Definitely great answers! To make you feel better, most of the entries I've looked at so far have that badge split up, so your technical skills are just fine! =)

  5. I've been going back and forth on entering or not. I'm leaning towards not. With the holidays and out of town trips, the time frame isn't going to work for me. Aack. Maybe next time.

    Good luck to you! Oh, and fries would have been my answer too!

  6. Hi Deb, not spoken for a while but just wanted to say "good luck" with your entry.

    Loving the new look BTW.

  7. I *always* steal fries from any nearby plates, even if I have some of my own! Best of luck with getting to the challenge round - sounds like fun :)

  8. I hope they pick you Deb! You rocked the recipe impossible challenge! I don't know who Ferran Adria is...I shall have to google him! He's cute! And have you been watching Ming Tsai on The Next Iron Chef? I was so happy to see him win this week!

  9. Excellent answers!!! Our fingers are crossed for you!!!

  10. Good luck! This is an excellent first post so I hope they choose you!

  11. Oohhh!!! Good luck! I'm trying for it too! It would be a total blast to go through this together :)

  12. Kat--thanks! Just playing around a bit--work in progress. ;-)

    Joanne--we definitely need to find someone to order the fries to steal! ;-)

    Pam--thanks! ;-)

    Peggy--thanks for letting me know. I feel better now!

    MM--I know, I almost decided not to but then thought "what the heck!" ;-)

    Debs--thank you! Nice to hear from you. ;-)

    Arlene--mahalo! ;-)

    Daily Spud--thanks! Good fries are worth stealing!

    Reeni--check out his book--I think you would like his style. ;-) Thanks for the support!

    Kim--thank you! ;-)

    Carolyn--thank so much!

    Danielle--that would be fun! I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us. ;-)

  13. Best of luck for your entry post.

    I like the nice and clean new design.

  14. Fries are meant to be shared. I always seem to get too many. It's probably one of the few times I feel like a fast food junkie.
    I would have picked Ferran Adria too, his style is so intriguing.
    So it ain't so, you're another person who does not like pumpkin pie huh? I think I understand, it is a very unique texture for a pie.

  15. Deb - Since you confessed to loving chicken fricasse I will forgive you for not liking pumpkin pie;-)

    I do hope they pick you to be a contestant!

  16. Andreas--thank you!

    Christine--thanks! Unfortunately it is more of a taste issue than texture, I try to like it really! ;-)

    Kim--thanks! And tahnks for still being my friend--despite the pumpkin pie thing! ;-)

  17. Oh my gosh, Deb!! I will be pulling for you all the way! Love this post, so fun! And I love your new layout/design :D

  18. You go girl! I'll be rooting for you to be my Iron Kahakai Chef!

    My chef pick would be the Swedish Chef, though. I think cooking alongside a Muppet would be so cool!
    bork, bork, bork.

  19. I so hope you're one of the contestants!! I know I can't imagine you not being! Good luck!

  20. Congratulations! It's going to be fun competing in the challenge with you! I've been checking out the competition and it is going to be fierce! Present company included!

    best of luck!

  21. Deb! I was browsing around the foodie blogroll today contemplating joining up and I saw that YOU will be one of the challengers in the Marx food Iron challenge! Congratulaitons! I will be mentioning this on my thoughts on friday link love at a moderate life, and I would LOVE it if you would keep me posted on your progress or email me a little "interview" to let me know what is expected and how you are feeling about it! All the best! Alex@amoderatelife


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