Friday, February 14, 2014

Lemon, Tarragon and Gin Slushie: A Donna Hay Frozen Cocktail

If you are still shoveling piles of snow and slush off your walkways, a frozen cocktail slushie may currently not be your beverage of choice. This Lemon Tarragon and Gin Slushie from Donna Hay is worth tagging to make when you thaw out though. It's fast and easy to toss together and it's a great combination of sweet, tangy, and herby frozen goodness.

Lemon, Tarragon and Gin Slushie
Donna Hay Magazine, Oct/Nov 2013
(Serves 4

1 litre store-bought lemon sorbet
2/3 cup (160 ml) gin
1/3 cup tarragon leaves

Place sorbet gin and tarragon in blender and process until smooth. Divide between glasses and serve immediately. 

Notes/Results: Very tasty! Lemon pairs well with the slight anise and herbal flavor of the tarragon and it makes for a pretty green cocktail. Being a fan of more tart-flavored drinks loving cocktails with herbs in them, this drink really works for me. One note--the only lemon sorbet in the two stores close to my house was Haagen Dazs Zesty Lemon Sorbet. Wonderful flavor but much more creamy than icy and I think an icy sorbet would give more of that true "slushie" experience. This was still frozen and good but next time I will look for an icier texture. I also want to try it with pineapple sorbet as I think that would be a great combination with the tarragon. I will make this again.

It's time to "Raise Your Glass" at I Heart Cooking Clubs this week. You can see the different Donna Hay beverages everyone made by going to the post and checking out the picture links.

Happy Aloha Friday!


  1. I would want to be sipping this poolside! Which, I guess you can actually do. :P

  2. Oh, my but this sounds delicious however it is not slushie weather here yet! :)

  3. Hah! Actually I made it on one of our cooler, windy and rainier days here and was thinking it would be so good on a hot day. I can imagine it not being quite time for it in most of the U.S. right now. Lucky the gin warms things up a little. ;-)

  4. Well, beach side anyway! ;-) I have to wait for the rain and wind to clear up though. hah!

  5. Another frozen drink to enjoy in the summer! I'm going to have quite a few recipes to try if we ever see hot weather again! Sounds delicious and refreshing (and with that colour, looks deceptively healthy!)

  6. An interesting combination of tarragon and lemon sorbet. I'm wishing that the glass in on my table right now, we are experiencing really hot weather at the moment, with almost no rain!

  7. Interesting combination. Tasty combination.

  8. Couscous & ConsciousnessMarch 5, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    This looks utterly divine, and definitely a cocktail I'd like to try. Fresh tarragon is not easy to come by around here, but I've bookmarked this one to try the next time I come across some at the market. Love your idea of trying this with a pineapple sorbet too.


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