Friday, August 17, 2012

Fresh Limeade: A Simple Summer Pleasure

I feel slightly guilty posting a simple limeade as my Rick Bayless dish this week--it isn't much of an effort. On paper the three ingredients--lime, sugar and water, aren't much of a recipe but in the glass they are refreshing and delicious. The theme at I Heart Cooking Clubs is Beach Bum--dishes appropriate for the beach. A thermos of limeade would be welcome at the beach, or maybe a big icy-cold glass when you come home thirsty, tired, and pink from the sun. A simple summer pleasure. 

Fresh Limeade 
(Serves 5-6)

1 1/3 cups fresh lime juice
1 quart water (use sparkling water for a festive touch)
1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar

In a large pitcher, mix together the lime juice, water and smaller amount of sugar.  Taste and add more sugar if you think the limonada needs it. Serve over ice.

Notes/Results: Tangy and thirst-quenching on a warm day. I left mine  little stronger and less sweet, adding a glass full of ice and some sparking water to change it up a bit. A little rum would be nice too. ;-)

You can see what beach-worthy treats the other IHCC participants made this week by going to the post and following the links.

Happy Weekend!


budgetcouponcooking said...

That looks so good and refreshing. It's so hot here. that would really hit the spot.

Rachel Jagareski said...

Hi Deb: When you get a chance let me know if Laura Child can use your Cook the Books recipes in one of her upcoming books.

Raksha said...

I really liked the pic in which cie cubes are filled in the glass... looks so refreshing

Heather said...

Nothing to feel guilty about...sometimes it's the simple pleasures!! I'll take a tall, cold glass please! ...ummmm...filled w/ this limeade ;P

foodycatAlicia said...

That's exactly what I feel like now! Wish I had some ice in!

RebeccaSubbiah RD said...

looks super refreshing to me

kitchen flavours said...

Yes, I agree , this is really refreshing! Nothing to feel guilty about! When the family enjoys it, it is a winner and simple is always the best!
I made this a couple of weeks ago and my kids was asking for the "Lime Drink" again the next day!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Simple is the theme this week for sure - Lovely summer cooler! Definitely what's needed on the hot sand.

Glennis said...

Personally, this was my 2nd choice for the week...and I'll likely do it anyway! I hear you...and I'll bet it blends with a lot of different choices of additives too! Thanks for giving me a peek at how it looks!