Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things I Am Loving This Week (& BTW This is Post #400!)

I just noticed that today marks my 400th post! I am amazed that it came so fast and that I have had that much to say. ;-) I am still having fun and I am enjoying all that I have learned and everyone I have gotten to know through doing this. Mahalo (thank you) to all of you who read my blog and take the time to leave such positive comments--it really means a lot to me. 

Of course there is still no shortage of the (mostly) food related "Things I Am Loving This Week."

For example I am so loving mangoes right now. Actually I love mangoes any old time but at the height of mango season they are just so perfectly firm, sweet and good. Local mangoes abound at the farmer's markets, the stores and even my CSA box (that big gorgeous beauty in the back was in my box last week). 

My favorite way to eat them is right over the sink with the juices running everywhere but I also love them in smoothies, drinks, last weeks crab parfait, and with some homemade vanilla ice cream. Mango ice cream and sorbet are good, but for me cut up juicy mangoes with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream (or vanilla frozen yogurt if I am being healthy), on top is that perfect creamy combination. Yum!

OK, it is hard to really "love" Food Inc. which pushes any action and horror movies aside as the scariest, most disturbing movie of the year, but it is so well done and it is a movie everyone should see. Food Inc. is an exposé on the food industry that looks at how large corporations run our food system, putting profit ahead of our health and safety with no policing from the very agencies set up to do so, the FDA and USDA. If you are at all into healthy eating, sustainability, organics, etc, it won't be completely new information for you, but it is presented in such a clear and very chilling way that you'll still walk away feeling shell-shocked. It is directed and produced by Robert Kenner and co-produced by Eric Schlosser, (Fast Food Nation), and it features my hero Michael Pollan among others. The ultimate message of the film is that we as consumers need to be aware of what is really going on in the food industry and do our part by "voting with our dollars" to make a change. No message is more important right now!

I do recommend you eat a healthy, local, preferably vegetarian meal before you go see it--you ain't gonna be hungry afterward! I was lucky enough to see it with my foodie friend and fellow food blogger Michelle at The Accidental Scientist and we ate a very pure, healthy meal at a macrobiotic community dinner before the film. The meal featured local style food (tofu poke, seitan musubi, potato/mac salad and haupia for dessert), made vegan and was delicious and the perfect thing to eat before the movie. (I was so caught up in catching up with Michelle, I forgot to take pictures but trust me it was amazing food!) Anyway go see this movie if you can or at least rent it when it comes out--it will make you think. 

Finally, I really love Ina Garten's Panzanella Salad. We made it last year for Barefoot Bloggers, (you can see that post with the recipe here), and I have made it a few times since then, including Saturday for a wonderful Italian-themed dinner party I went to. Nothing is more perfect for using the bounty of the season (like local tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, red onion and basil), than this hearty and delicious salad. 

My only "issue"? I have to make extra croutons because I have a tendency to eat all the bread chunks as they are toasting in the olive oil. It is quick and easy, tastes so good and is always a hit with anyone who tries it. The perfect "go-to" recipe for late summer. 

That's what I am loving this week! How about you?

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Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. Happy 400! I am so glad you have made it this far and hope to see at LEAST 400 more recipes from you.

    I have been loving mangoes as well. They are huge right now and I get so much satisfaction from knowing that I get to just sit and eat one for a while.

  2. happy 400th! I hope that movie makes it way here, otherwise, I guess I'll have to rent it the next time I'm home...envious of those mango too!

  3. Wow ! 400 posts ! Buon compleanno !!! I wish I could find good mangoes here too !! Your Panzanella is fantastic !

  4. Mangoes are by far one of my favorite fruit. I put them in a lot of different salads, and they are the secret ingredient in my fantastic turkey burgers.

    Happy 400, Deb!

  5. 400- that is amazing! Great job :) Ditto on the croutons...the panzanella looks fantastic. And I , too looooooooooove mangoes this week (and every week)! :D

  6. 400 posts - YOWZER!!! - you need to give your fingers a good massage as a treat for such a great accomplishment. Every time I see Ina's panzanella salad, I said I've got to make this - so amazing to look at.

  7. 400 is certainly a milestone. I hope you have a lot more posts up your sleeve because I love to visit here. You are doinf a fantastic job.

  8. I'm afraid if I see that movie, it will scar me for life. The food industry is almost as corrupt as our politicians, so it's not surprising what goes on behind closed doors.

    Aside from all that, I am with you on the mangoes - I eat them "as is", because there is no better way to fully enjoy their delicious-ness!

  9. I eat all the croutons too!
    It really is one of my favourite salads. Perfect for summer and so colourful.
    I am looking forward to seeing this movie, and a little scared...
    Happy 400! You don't look a day over 300... ;-)

  10. wow 400!! thats awesome.

    I think if I tried the salad, I'd be loving it too! And good tip..."make extra croutons". haha

  11. Happy 400!! The panzanella is beautiful and just bursting with color. My son and I love a good mango, unfortunately they are hard for me to find here in KY. I'm scared of the movie...don't know if I should check it out or not.

  12. Oh, wow, happy 400th post! Mango is my daughter's favorite fruit of all so we have it a lot here!

  13. Megan I love Ina's Panzanella Salad. I make it often. And as for mangoes, it's my favorite fruit.

  14. Congrats on your 400th post! Wow, that is a lot of food and writing. :) Your mangoes look beautiful! I passed them up at the store last week and now I'm wishing I'd picked up a few. I also can't wait to see Food, Inc. It will have to wait until I make it back to the US though.

  15. I must see the movie oh and I wish i had mangoes in my box lol

  16. Happy 400 Deb! That is impressive.

    My husband doesn't want me to see Food Inc., as he is afraid we won't have anything left to eat :)

  17. 400 posts??? What an accomplishment! Kudos to you, Deb. Love the panzanella and see no problem with eating the bread as a first course and the veggies for the main!

  18. Congrats on your 400. What a milestone. Mangoes, oh yes, I love them too. Mango salsa over grilled fish/chicken one of my favorites. I want to try the panzanella now too.

  19. Happy 400th!

    That bread salad looks good, like you said, it's perfect for right now!

  20. Happy 400th!! That is an amazing accomplishment! I want to see Food Inc - a little scared but I'll take your advice on it beforehand!

  21. Wow 400! That is awesome :) I love these posts, I could eat Mangos everyday yum :)

    I have a soup I would like to enter in your souper sunday
    here's the link


    And It doesn't matter which picture you choose, thanks! :)

  22. Happy 400th post! Wow!

    Totally agree on the mangoes. I love them so much and I miss them!


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